Anne practices as a reflexologist, certified by the EIR School (International School of Reflexotherapy).

She became acutely aware of the need for stress management to ensure a healthy daily life while pursuing her prior career in the hospitality industry and decided to make it her priority.
Reflexology is a complementary therapy that encourages the body to restore its natural balance while providing deep tranquil relaxation, via a non-invasive stimulation of reflex points and zones.
Anne practices combined reflexology, which means that the focus is on two or three different parts of the body during one session (ears, face, hands and/or feet): the focus on reflex zones in different parts of the body provides faster and more effective stress and pain relief. She works with different stimulation techniques, all non-invasive: manual and instrumental pressure, ear seeds, Nogier frequencies, moxa, essential oils.


Reflexology works:

-as wellbeing therapy

-for stress management and stress-related disorders, as well as tensions:

• emotional tensions such as nervousness, irritability, anxiety, sadness, sleeping disorders, feelings of being stressed out or overburdened in the working or personal sphere.

• physical tensions such as backache, digestive disorders, PMS, hot flashes, headache, teeth grinding, circulatory troubles

• to help handle difficult or key moments in life: baby blues, exams, sports tournament, giving up smoking, weight loss, menopause discomfort, mourning..

-as a complementary therapy for people suffering from cancer or chronic disease and pain.


  • in the Paris (15eme / Montparnasse area) or Vendôme office for adults and children.
  • at the workplace: stress management sessions for team members.
  • during an event, a conference, an incentive: well-being sessions for participants, clients, colleagues.

Fluent in French and English.
Appointments may be made at +33 (0)6 78 61 82 91 or by email